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Random Songs on iTunes & What They Mean to Me

1) "Every Little Thing" by Hawk Nelson
This song (or rather, this band) reminds me of Cruzando, the very first noght, when we were all hype about being there. Before we went down, I looked at the list of artists that would be performing at the Alamodome, and I saw Hawk Nelson's picture and thought "they look hot". After that, I downloaded some songs,a nd decided I liked their sound. So on the first night, they played and I loved them. I miss Cruzando.

2) "Ich Will" by Rammstein
Dennis put a Rammstein song on one of the Doogen Meyers that he made me, and I liked it. Since I dont listen to much music, and I liked their sound, I had Den burn an entire Rammstein CD for me.

3) "Climbing Up The Walls" by Radiohead
I know how much Angela loves Radiohead, so I asked her to let me listen to some songs. She sent me this one, and I immediatly fell in love with it. It reminds me of the abandoned mental hospital on the way to Neshaminy, off of the boulevard. It also reminds me of spiders.

4) "Sympathetic" by Seether
This song just reminds me of when Seether was my favorite band.

5) "Red XIII's Theme" by Nobuo Uematsu
OMG this reminds me of when you first got to Cosmo Canyon in Final Fantasy VII, when Red XIII ran away to see his human (?) grandfather, Bugenhagen. Then I found out that his real name was Nanaki, and I was so mad because I hated the name Red XIII, and I loved Nanaki, but even though that was his name, they still called him Red XIII >:(

6) "Fear" by Disturbed
I hate this song. Its so fuckign annoying and stupid. It reminds me of freshmen day, in 9th grade, when Jack and I were in gym listening to Disturbed together and it was cool, except that every single day after that, he would come over to me and put his headphone to my ear (it being disturbed, usually this song) as if I gave a shit, and he would smile at me OMG SO ANNOYING.

7) I dont feel like doing any more lol
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